Toronto’s lockdown set of targeted COVID-19 measures

Toronto’s lockdown set of targeted COVID-19 measures

Nov. 25, 2020

Global Korean Post


The City of Toronto on Nov. 23 moved into the Grey – Lockdown category of the Province of Ontario’s COVID-19 response framework.


Toronto announced an updated and enhanced set of targeted COVID-19 measures to help the city’s most vulnerable residents during the lockdown.

These targeted COVID-19 equity measures, which build on protections already implemented, include sharing public health information, improving access to COVID-19 testing, and providing critical supports to individuals and their families during this lockdown. These new initiatives include:

  • Measures to expand testing sites – Increasing testing in neighbourhoods experiencing higher COVID-19 case rates, expanding the number of provincial testing sites using City facilities, using buses for mobile testing, providing more transportation to testing sites and extending testing site hours.
  • Measures to intensify community outreach and engagement – Targeting outreach, case management and providing support to residents who face multiple barriers (i.e. food support, income services, etc.), and providing relevant public education to residents and employers. Residents will also receive masks to support their efforts to stay safe. Strong community partners, trusted by residents in neighbourhoods experiencing higher COVID-19 case rates, are critical to ensuring that these measures are implemented effectively.
  • Measures for those who test positive and are unable to work due to mandatory isolation – Addressing the threat of eviction and improving access to emergency assistance is important and this includes advocating for residential eviction protection, income supports, and newcomer access to COVID-19 services and supports.