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미래를 여는 신문. 깊이가 다른 신문 “글로벌코리언포스트”(일명 “글로벌 코리언”)는 캐나다 토론토에 기반한 신문으로 캐나다 및 현지 소식은 물론 한국.월드 소식을 한국어와 영어로 제공하고 있습니다.


The Global Korean Post is currently Korean/English newspaper, which founded in Toronto, Canada in order to provide people with valuable news and information.


We have committed to developing and improving its contents and appearance since February in 2014, when our domains were registered following enough consideration over years.


The Global Korean Post has finally launched at the end of May in 2015 after improving and testing this site over more than one year.

If combining related works like researches, preparation and etc., our history can be extended longer.


Currently we are covering directly the Canadian news both in Korean and English, that can be probably the only and first Korean media in Canada.


The Global Korean post has been focusing on its developing, delivering good news and useful information.


We also respect our customers, readers and related ones as well.

As time goes by, our readers respond to recognize our value and show their applaud greatly.


We look forward to listening from you all the time, and also we are seeking for valuable persons who can contribute their talents or volunteers who can support us.


-Global Korean Post-


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