79 warnings and 95 tickets were issued in Manitoba


79 warnings and 95 tickets were issued in Manitoba


Nov. 25, 2020

Global Korean Post


The Manitoba government is providing an update on ongoing enforcement efforts to protect Manitobans from the spread of COVID-19.

In total, 79 warnings and 95 tickets were issued last week between Nov. 16 to 22, a significant increase from the week prior, when 54 warnings and 30 tickets were issued. This includes nine $5,000 tickets to business, and 55 $1,296 tickets to individuals. Three band bylaw tickets were also issued by the Manitoba First Nations Police Service.

Last week, a specific fine of $298 was put in place for not wearing a mask in indoor public places, as required under current public health orders. Since that time, 28 tickets have been issued for the offence.

A total of $126,082 in fines were issued last week, up from $49,992 the week prior.


The province is also providing an update on enforcement related to a large demonstration held in Steinbach on Nov. 14. To date, 16 tickets have been sworn and more are expected to receive tickets as the investigation continues. One person who attended a subsequent event at the Legislative Building in Winnipeg on Nov. 21 was identified and served with a ticket for their participation in the earlier event.

Enforcement officials are also investigating a large gathering for a church service in Steinbach that occurred over the weekend. One individual received a $1,296 ticket and more tickets for other participants are expected as the investigation continues.


Since enforcement efforts began in April, a total of 388 warnings and 307 tickets have been issued, resulting in more than $390,000 in fines to businesses and individuals.

Almost 3,300 personnel across various agencies are empowered to enforce public health orders to protect Manitobans continue. This includes RCMP, law enforcement agencies, provincial employees and municipal partners, such as the City of Winnipeg. The number of personnel who are trained and actively enforcing public health orders continues to grow.