Alcohol consumption increases the risk of your health


Alcohol consumption increases the risk of your health


Jan. 20, 2023

Global Korean Post



Harms related to alcohol use represent a significant public health issue in Canada.


Chief Medical Officers of Health said on a statement, “we want to encourage all people across the country to become aware of the risks associated with alcohol consumption and encourage informed decision making about its use.”



The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) has released Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health.


This guidance helps people in Canada understand the actual risks associated with alcohol consumption in order to help reduce short and long-term harm to health.


The updated guidance recommends a harm reduction approach, indicating that even modest reductions in alcohol use can reduce risks of harm.


These updated guidelines are a first step in raising awareness for people and stimulating changing behaviours around drinking alcohol.


The latest evidence shows a direct link between drinking alcohol and increased risk of at least seven types of cancer.


This recent evidence, contrary to common perceptions, shows that modest consumption of alcohol offers no protective effects against heart diseases, while regular and heavy consumption of alcohol increases the risk of these conditions.


Research also indicates that consuming more than two drinks on one occasion is associated with an increased risk of harm to self and others, including injury and violence.


Recent studies also reinforce the message that there is no known safe amount of alcohol use for individuals who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding.