How to prevent from vehicle theft


How to prevent from vehicle theft


April 28, 2023

Global Korean Post


As of April 26, Toronto Police has recovered 556 stolen vehicles worth more than $27M, and 314 charges laid against 119 people.

Thieves are using highly sophisticated methods to steal vehicles, and are using those vehicles to carry out other crimes or to ship them overseas, where they are resold for well above their value.


Toronto Police is advising the following tips:

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

1: The Basics

  • Remove the FOBs from the vehicle and place them in a Faraday box/pouch
  • Lock your doors and close your windows
  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Park indoors
  • Install motion-sensor lights
  • Install high quality surveillance cameras (not higher than 9/10 ft off the ground)
  • Remove all valuable items from vehicle
  • Cover the VIN
  • Back into your driveway

2: Warning Devices

  • Audible alarms
  • Steering Wheel Lock (the Club)
  • Brake lock / Pedal Lock
  • Tire lock
  • Theft deterrent decals
  • Identification markers in or on vehicle

3: Immobilizing Devices

  • Ignition kill-switches (simple toggle switch)
  • Starter/ignition systems (IGLA – uses buttons on your steering wheel to enter PIN code)

4: Tracking Devices

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • TAG