Grants to promote healthy living for high school students across Canada


Grants to promote healthy living for high school students across Canada


April 02, 2024

Global Korean Post


Encouraging youth to learn about healthy habits can have long-lasting, positive effects on their overall health as they grow up. Even more beneficial is when young people are empowered to define their own health goals, bring forward their own solutions, and inspire their peers to live in a healthy way.

On March 26, Ya’ara Saks, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health, announced the first round of successful projects under the School Health Grant for Youth program. Grants of up to $3,500 are approved for 81 high school students across Canada to develop youth-driven and youth-inspired initiatives that encourage and promote healthy living in their schools. The initiatives align with four health priorities: to reduce substance-related harms, foster positive mental health and well-being, promote healthy eating and nutrition, or encourage physical activity among their peers.

Building on the success of round one, Minister Saks also announced the launch of a second round of funding under the School Health Grant for Youth program. From now until April 15, students are encouraged to bring forward their best ideas for initiatives that take place either during the school year at school, or in the community during summer break.

For this second round of grants, youth are welcome to develop projects that address the mental health needs of young people affected by potentially traumatizing events in Canada and around the world. These projects can help create a safe space to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and lifestyles to improve positive mental health in schools and communities.