Trudeau visiting Toronto highlights CWB, “More than 300,000 Canadians will benefit.”


Trudeau visiting Toronto highlights CWB, “More than 300,000 Canadians will benefit.”


Mar 9, 2018

Global Korean Post


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau came back to Toronto with two-day itinerary from Mar. 7 to 8, 2018.


On Wednesday Morning, March 7, the Prime Minister attended the Rotman Initiative for Women in Business International Women’s Day event, where he delivered remarks and participate in an armchair discussion.

After that, the Prime Minister visited the Employment Services Centre of WoodGreen Community Services and deliver remarks to highlight Budget 2018’s Canada Workers Benefit (CWB).


The Government is introducing the new Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), a tax benefit that will put more money in the pockets of low-income workers.

“That said, we still have a lot of work to do. We have many more people and families to help opportunities to create gaps closer.” Trudeau said.

“Budget 2018 puts a special focus on ensuring all Canadians to have skills and opportunities they need to participate fully and equally in our economy.”


Trudeau added that more than 300,000 Canadians will benefit with this change alone and as part of the changes, approximately 2 million Canadians will receive more helpful Canada Worker’s benefit.

He explained the new benefit will be simpler, more generous and more accessible and it will help roughly 70,000 Canadians out of poverty by 2020.

A low-income worker earning $15,000 would receive up to almost $500 more from the CWB in 2019 than in 2018.


Anne Babcock, President and CEO of WoodGreen and Steve Vanderherberg, Director of Strategic Initiatives posed for this photo on Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018. (Global Korean Post photo)

The community agency, WoodGreen Community Services is celebrating the 80th year.

WoodGreen President and CEO Anne Babcock told the Global Korean Post, “We are a larger organization.” “We have a budget of 43M about 700 staffs and over thousand volunteers.”

The centre is providing various services including elderly supporting, meals and housing, transportation, social activities and networking.  The agnecy has also 3 employment centres and 7 child care centres.


After Trudeau’s remarks, the Global Korean Post asked about the summit between Canada and Korea.

Trudeau responded to the question, expressing he is looking forward to connect with President Moon.


By Jasmine Kang, Global Korean Post

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