Hyundai & Genesis attract eyes at Media Presentation


Hyundai & Genesis attract eyes at Media Presentation


Feb. 15, 2019

Global Korean Post


The Canadian International AutoShow take places at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Feb. 15 to 24, 2019.

Especially, the year of 2019 seems to be look good for the Korean auto makers.


Kia Stinger won 2019 AJAC Car of The Year at the Canadian International AutoShow, following by Hyundai and Genesis were chosen 2019 North American Car of the Year at Detroit’s Auto Show held in January, 2019.


Global Korean Post attended the Media Preview Day Tour on February 14th, which was held one day before the official opening the AutoShow.


Hyundai caught eyes with a unique presentation of 2020 Hyundai Palisade, starting with seven children dancing out of the car.


The Global Korean Post met again Don Romano, President & CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.


Don takes the best feature for Palisade, saying “8 passenger in two rows accommodate more people than any other Hyundai before.”

He visits Korea at least once a year, sometimes four times a year depends on situation.

”We have a saying in my office “Do-Jeon(도전)”in Korean, meaning “Challenge.”

“Challenge the competition every day in our lives to do things better. Not just with the better product.”

“We are now the fastest growing automatic brand in Canada.” “We focus not just on volume but on quality.…. Making it sure that we deliver the right volume without having to compromise the brand with massive discount.  That doesn’t lead to a brand leader.”

Hyndai Auto Canada Corp has 218 dealerships across the country.

The all-electric, high-performance Genesis Essentia Concept is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a robust, multi-motor electric powertrain and a custom-tailored interior.

Genesis sold about 1,441 units last year.  “175% grew. That is the fastest growing brand in Canada.” Richard Trevisan, Brand Director of Genesiss Motors Canada told the Global Korean Post.

He takes good things of the Korean brand, saying “Very unique and sales model online, great driving and dynamic quality and safety.”

And he answered about making him be proud, “We got ‘North American Car of the Year.’ That make us extremely proud of being in the best of car in the marketplace.  It is actually the best car you can buy.  That is No 1. When you build a brand, you need a right product. We have the right product.”


Patrick Danielson, Manager, Product Strategy & PR told the Global Korean Post, “This is a concept car.  It is our designers’ showcase of future direction.” He added that the car is designed by Genesis Design Team in Korea. “Lee Sang-Yeop, one of our chief designers.”


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