What is allowed in businesses or services?

What is allowed and not allowed in businesses or services


Aug. 1, 2020

Global Korean Post


Under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, businesses and facilities that reopen to the public must continue to ensure that customers and members of the public who visit the business or facility are able to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from others.


As though almost businesses entered Stage 3 of the Ontario provincial reopening, still some services are not reopening.


Businesses or services deemed high-risk by the Province are not yet permitted to open, including:

  • Nightclubs, except when serving patrons food or beverages and carrying on business in the same manner as a restaurant or bar
  • Amusement parks and water parks
  • Buffet-style food services
  • Private karaoke rooms, unless installed with a plexiglass or other impermeable barrier to separate the performer from every other person in the enclosed space
  • Saunas, steam rooms, bath houses and oxygen bars
  • Table games at casinos and gaming establishments


Certain high-risk activities are also not permitted:

  • Dancing at restaurants and bars, other than by performers hired by the establishment following specific requirements
  • Overnight stays at camps for children
  • Team sports may only be played if the sport does not allow for physical contact or if the sport is played with modified rules to avoid physical contact