Trudeau propped up Harper and backed billions in Corporate Tax Cuts


Trudeau propped up Harper and backed billions in Corporate Tax Cuts


Oct. 04, 2019

Global Korean Post


The NDP released news release on Oct. 16, saying that Trudeau was not so progressive.

The details are below:

“Lately, Justin Trudeau has been working overtime to convince Canadians he was part of a “progressive opposition” to Stephen Harper. But Trudeau’s record at the time shows he was not so progressive and he didn’t do all that much opposing.

In 2009, the Liberals had an opportunity to join with Jack Layton to defeat Stephen Harper’s budget and block billions in corporate giveaways.

Trudeau and the Liberals voted for that budget instead, locking in Harper’s corporate tax cut plan from 19.5% in 2008 to 15% in 2012. That cut gave away $55 billion over five years.

When Trudeau came to power in 2015, he kept those tax breaks in place. And Just last year he piled on another $14 billion in giveaways.

Between 2006 and 2009, the “progressive” Liberals propped up Harper in 79 confidence motions while Jack Layton and the NDP consistently tried to defeat Harper.

So while Justin Trudeau claims he “couldn’t” stop Stephen Harper in opposition, perhaps a more honest word is “wouldn’t.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“Again and again, Justin Trudeau has chosen the rich and powerful over people. He gives Canadians pretty words at election time, and then stands up for multimillionaires when he’s behind closed doors. We’ll ensure corporations and the super-rich pay their share so we can make life better and more affordable for everyday Canadians.”