Norway ranks first in the 2020 Social Progress Index



Norway ranks first in the 2020 Social Progress Index


Sept. 22, 2020

Global Korean Post


On Sept. 10,  the 2020 Social Progress Index results were released, which provide a comprehensive picture of the lived experience of more than 7 billion people across 163 countries. For the first time ever, the index measures social progress going back 10 years.


The index is the most comprehensive measure of a country’s social and environmental performance independent of economic factors, and complements traditional measures of success such GDP.


The index captures outcomes related to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and reveals that, if current trends continue the world will not achieve the goals until 2082.


The data also indicates that, unless urgent actions are taken, the Covid-19 pandemic will set us back another decade, delaying achievement of the goals to 2092—more than 60 years after the 2030 target date.


In general, the world is improving. Since 2014, the world average score increased from 60.63 to 64.24, and there has been improvement on eight of 12 components of social progress.

Despite this overall progress, Personal Rights and Inclusiveness have declined since 2011, while the world has stagnated on Environmental Quality and Personal Safety.


Norway ranks first in the world on social progress with a score of 92.72.

The fastest progress over the past decade is among developing countries, with The Gambia, Ethiopia and Tunisia demonstrating notable improvement.