Change in Reserve Force pay structure

Change in Reserve Force pay structure


June 28, 2019

Global Korean Post

The new methodology for the Reserve Force applies the same base pay the Regular Force receives, plus the elements of the Military Factor that apply to reservists.


On June 14, Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, announced the change at the 4th Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment in Laval, Quebec.


The restructuring of pay is part of an overall vision outlined in our defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, which also includes increasing the Reserve Force by 1,500 members and further integrating reservists into operations. The Reserve Force is crucial to the success of our Canadian Armed Forces. Reservists come from all walks of life, and include students, civil servants, labourers, business people, academics, and former members of the Regular Force.

Reservists will receive more money in this new system in order to more fairly compensate them for their important service. Previously, Reserve Force pay was a simple 85 percent calculation of the total Regular Force pay. Regular Force pay is composed of two parts: base pay and Military Factor. The Military Factor is a percentage added to the base salaries of Canadian Armed Forces members that compensates them for additional requirements that don’t affect most public servants.


“This important initiative laid out in Canada’s defence policy,Strong, Secure, Engaged will ensure that our Reserve Force members are fairly compensated for their service. It is a clear demonstration of how our government and all Canadians value the dedication and sacrifices of all members of our Canadian Armed Forces.” said Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence.

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