Cell phone bill could be much lower with strong competition

스마트폰 (Global Korean Post )


Cell phone bill could be much lower with strong competition 


July 18, 2020

Global Korean Post


Even with the widespread introduction of “unlimited” cell phone plans, more Canadians could save money on their cell phone bills if Bell, Rogers and Telus faced greater competition from regional carriers like Freedom Mobile and Videotron.

This finding is part of the Competition Bureau’s final submission in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) review of mobile wireless services.

The Bureau’s analysis found that prices can be more than 50% lower for all cell phone users in markets where there is strong competition from regional carriers. These savings are far greater than what some customers may have saved as a result of “unlimited” plans.

The Bureau continues to recommend that the CRTC pursue a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) policy where Bell, Rogers and Telus would sell temporary access to their wireless networks to regional carriers who intend to invest and further expand their own networks.

This model represents an incremental, time-limited policy to incentivize and accelerate the expansion of regional carriers so that they can quickly deliver lower prices and greater choice to more Canadians.