Buddhists mark 2,564th Buddha’s Birthday amid pandemic


Buddhists mark 2,564th Buddha’s Birthday amid pandemic


May 1, 2020

Global Korean Post


By Jeon Han and Lee Jihae

A prayer service for the overcoming and treatment of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was held on April 30, a national holiday marking the 2,564th birthday of Buddha, at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul.

“Today, COVID-19 has alerted all of us in this modern era about our great ignorance,” said the Ven. Wonhaeng, president of the country’s largest Buddhist order Jogye. “We’ve come to realize how precious daily life is and how valuable the people we always encounter are.”

“Now, it made us realize that our breathing and living come from the sunlight, air, water and earth, as well as the purity of all living creatures that coexist.”

The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders also held ceremonies at about 15,000 temples nationwide including Jogyesa, and began a month-long prayer for the overcoming and treatment of COVID-19.

The Central Disease Control Headquarters announced that as of April 30 at midnight, the country had four newly confirmed patients of the pandemic. All of them, however, were imported from abroad and detected in the quarantine process at the airport.