TTC says, “Focus on moving customers safely, rather than limiting heads”

TTC (Global Korean Post photo)


TTC says, “Focus on moving customers safely, rather than limiting heads”


April 4, 2020

Global Korean Post


Due to boarding and service change, TTC customers must board and exit the bus from the rear doors only, except those who require the kneeling ramp to be deployed.

Also, no longer accepting cash, TTC tickets or tokens on buses at this time.  If you do not have a PRESTO card or ticket you will not be denied service and we would ask that you pay at your first opportunity, like at a station or on a streetcar if possible.


As of March 18, 2020, the TTC stopped handing paper transfers out to customers on buses.

It is important to maintain physical distance from each other and the operator (6 feet or 2 metres) even while on transit.

TTC reminds customers of Physical distancing, “If a bus or streetcar is crowded, please wait for the next one. We are still operating plenty of service so the wait shouldn’t be long.”


Yesterday, the Global Korean Post questioned TTC whether they put limitation on the number of boarding people to maintain physical distance.

Hayley Waldman, Communications Advisor, replied , “In order to ensure our operators are able to focus on the safe operation of their vehicle, and to avoid conflict with customers, we have not implemented caps on passengers per vehicle. We would rather operators continue to focus on moving our customers safely than on counting heads.”

“We’ve worked with our incredible front-line staff to identify bus routes that need extra attention and there are 15 routes getting additional vehicles to address the busiest spots and times of day. That has resulted in fewer customers per bus and the TTC continues to make even more improvements so that we can continue to delivery vitally important transit service safely, while allowing for good physical distancing.”


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