Canadian Armed Forces announces Top Employers of Reservists


Canadian Armed Forces announces Top Employers of Reservists


May 15, 2019

Global Korean Post


The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognized employers and educators from across Canada for outstanding support to their employees and students who serve as reservists.


Organizations from every province were honoured, as well as over the past year in provincial award ceremonies, for their ongoing efforts and flexibility they provide their reservists.


Top awards were presented to:

  • Most Supportive Employer: Steam Whistle Brewing, Ontario
  • Support to CAF Operations- International: Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Support to CAF Operations- Domestic: Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, of British Columbia
  • Support to Student Reservists: Kings College, Nova Scotia.


Each of the nominated employers has developed programs and policies that allow their reservist employees to attend military training and deploy on operations when needed, as was the case during the recent flood relief efforts as part of Operation LENTUS in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.


Employer Support Awards are presented every two years at the provincial and national levels. All Canadian employers and educational institutions, private and public sector, are eligible.


Reservists themselves nominate their employers in appreciation of the support they receive, and a subcommittee of the CFLC selects the winners. The categories consist of Most Supportive Employer in each province, a Special Award for Continuing Support, and a national Award for Most Supportive Employer.