Gov’t to share knowhow with nations under heavy COVID-19 threat

Gov’t to share knowhow with nations under heavy COVID-19 threat


Mar. 28, 2020

Global Korean Post


By Kim Young Deok and Lee Jihae


“Humanity will gather its wisdom and achieve victory in this war on the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).”

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun on March 27 said this to a news conference with foreign correspondents on the COVID-19 outbreak, pledging his government’s assistance to the world to overcome the coronavirus.

At Korea Press Center in Seoul’s Jongno-gu District, Seoul, he spoke of the global war on the outbreak, saying, “The spread of COVID-19 makes the exchange of information and cooperation among countries essential.”

In a Q&A session after the conference, the prime minister expressed the government’s intent to cooperate with the international community and mentioned the G-20 2020 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders Summit held on March 26.

“At the summit yesterday, G-20 member nations agreed to join forces to stem COVID-19 and overcome the economic crisis,” he said, adding that the opportunity to overcome COVID-19 was set.

“If it helps even a little the countries heavily threatened by COVID-19, we will gladly share information as well as the results we’ve achieved,” he said.

“It is only proper for us to share with the international community our testing kits and supplies for preventing infection.”

On the economic measures taken by the Korean government, he said, “The government is doing its best to prevent any interference in the activities of domestic and foreign companies in Korea.”

“We are actively and aggressively pushing financial assistance so that the financial and foreign exchange markets are being managed in a relatively stable manner.”

The prime minister stressed the Korean government feels a sense of responsibility as a member of the international community, adding, “The government is always striving to gather strength and wisdom with the international community to overcome this crisis of the global village.”