The United States issued a global level 4 travel advisory


The United States issued a global level 4 travel advisory


Mar. 20 2020

Global Korean Post

Numerous countries around the world have taken safety measures at their borders to stem the spread of the virus.


The White House on March 20 said that the President Trump is taking action at our northern and southern borders to prevent further spread of the coronavirus in the United States.


The United States has reached mutual agreements with Canada and Mexico to restrict non-essential travel across our northern and southern borders.

The United States will expeditiously return aliens who cross between ports of entry or are otherwise not allowed to enter the country, as the facilities in which these aliens would normally be held cannot support quarantine for the time needed to assess potential cases.

These aliens are processed in stations designed for short-term processing, where distancing is not a viable option, creating a serious danger of an outbreak.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that these conditions present a serious infection control challenge and are a risk to public health.

Should an outbreak occur at these facilities, local medical facilities would be forced to devote extensive resources and may become overwhelmed.


President Trump took action early to restrict travel from China and stem the spread of coronavirus to the United States.

The President took further action to restrict travel from additional impacted areas, including Iran, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

American citizens are exempt from the travel restrictions and are being routed to select airports, where they can be properly screened.


The State Department has issued a global level 4 travel advisory, informing Americans that they should avoid all international travel.