RIC Centre relocation to downtown Brampton


RIC Centre relocation to downtown Brampton


Feb. 29, 2020

Global Korean Post


On February 5, Brampton Council approved funding for the relocation of the Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre to Brampton’s Innovation District. The City has entered into a grant agreement with the RIC Centre of up to $100,000 per year for three years to support its relocation to downtown Brampton. The RIC Centre will open its doors at its new downtown location at 6 George St. in April of this year.

To be competitive in the Innovation Corridor, Brampton is putting the necessary building blocks in place to support a robust Innovation District with resources available to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

The RIC Centre, an organization that helps entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, is a critical addition to Brampton’s Innovation District, which includes:
• Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst
• Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (Ideation and Co-working space)
• Ryerson-Brampton Innovation Zone (Start-Up Incubator)
• Centre for Innovation
• RIC Centre (Scale-up Incubator)

The RIC Centre is a technology incubator focused on Cleantech, Advanced Manufacturing, hardware and software startups. It provides business startup services and access to incubator space to entrepreneurs, startups and mature tech companies wanting to kick-start their growth and get their business to market faster. Brampton’s Economic Development team has worked closely with the RIC Centre for many years, collaborating on initiatives that support innovation and entrepreneurial networks in Brampton. Over the last four years, the RIC Centre has helped over 600 active clients raise $110M in funding, generate $97M in revenue and create 1,642 jobs.

The addition of the RIC Centre to Brampton’s Innovation District comes on the heels of announcements of Ryerson’s Innovation Zone and Canada’s first Cybersecurity Accelerator located in downtown Brampton’s Innovation District.

Opening this spring, Brampton’s Catalyst Cyber Accelerator will support Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem by providing Canadian scale-up companies in cybersecurity and related fields the tools needed to grow and succeed nationally and internationally.

The Ryerson-led Brampton Innovation Zone is modelled after and connected to Ryerson University’s world-recognized Zone network. It is designed to bring people together to brainstorm, kick-start projects, and help take startups from early-stage incubated companies to established thriving businesses. It will open in downtown Brampton early in 2020.