Blue licence plate in Ontario will be replaced n March


Blue licence plate in Ontario will be replaced n March


Feb. 29, 2020

Global Korean Post


If you have a blue licence plate that was issued between February 1, 2020 and March 4, 2020, you can continue to use it. It does not pose a safety risk but will be replaced by the enhanced licence plate in the coming weeks.


On Feb. 28, the Government of Ontario and 3M Canada restated their commitment to work in partnership to resolve issues that have been raised about the current Ontario licence plates. A solution is being implemented which includes a replacement plan for impacted licence plate holders.

The concerns have been taken seriously and both parties have put a plan in place to deliver a new enhanced licence plate. 3M is providing material to the Province and testing is being completed by law enforcement and key stakeholders.


As an immediate measure, distribution of the current Ontario licence plate will stop as of end of day March 4, 2020. While the current Ontario licence plate does not pose a safety risk, this action will minimize the number of Ontarians who will need replacement plates.


Starting March 5, 2020, remaining white embossed licence plates will be temporarily issued. For cost efficiency, white embossed plates will be issued until the existing supply of material is used up.


Distribution of a new enhanced licence plate will start the week of March 16, 2020. When a ServiceOntario centre exhausts its stock of white embossed plates, it will start distributing the new enhanced plate.

Customers who receive white embossed plates in the interim period will not receive new enhanced plates to replace them unless they are damaged, delaminated, lost or stolen.


If you currently have white embossed licence plates, you can continue to use them. Customers with white embossed plates are not required to replace these plates unless they are damaged/delaminated, lost or stolen.