Korea’s corruption perceptions index improves for 3rd straight year


Korea’s corruption perceptions index improves for 3rd straight year


Feb. 1, 2020

Global Korean Post


By Lee Jihae

The country’s global ranking in the corruption perceptions index (CPI) has improved for the third consecutive year since the launch of the Moon Jae-in administration.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission announced on Jan. 23 that a report by Transparency International, a non-governmental organization based in Berlin, placed Korea 39th out of 180 countries in the CPI rankings with a score of 59 out of 100.

The country’s ranking in 2016, before President Moon took office, was 52nd. Korea finished 51st in 2017, 45th in 2018 and 39th last year, going up 13 places in three years.

Other international organizations also recognized the decrease in Korea’s corruption level. The European Research Center for Anti-corruption and State-Building last month released its rankings of 117 countries in the index of public integrity, with Korea leading Asia at 19th.

TRACE, an anti-bribery business association based in the U.S., ranked Korea 23rd out of 200 countries in the bribery risk matrix.

The positive evaluations abroad of Korea’s improvement in corruption-level indexes may be tied to the government’s campaign to crack down on corruption through measures like an anti-corruption policy conference, a joint private and public conference on fighting corruption and the enactment of an anti-graft law.

As a goal, the anti-corruption commission wants Korea to break the world’s top 20 in anti-corruption rankings by 2022, when it becomes “an incorruptible society.”

ACRC Chairperson Pak Un Jong said, “To continuously reduce corruption in the country, we will cooperate with relevant government branches and citizens and do our best to spread throughout society the culture of a clean and fair society.”