Call blocking comes into force

Call blocking comes into force


Dec. 19, 2019

Global Korean Post


Canadians will soon have access to a call blocking system that better protects themselves against unsolicited and illegitimate calls. The CRTC required telecommunications service providers to implement this system within their networks by December 19, 2019.

With the implementation of this system, calls with caller identification (caller ID) information that either exceeds 15 digits or does not conform to a number that can be dialed (for example, 000-000-0000) will be blocked before reaching the subscriber.

Providers that offer their subscribers call filtering services, which provide more advanced call management features, will not have to implement call blocking.


“Canadians need to have the right tools to manage nuisance calls. With the implementation of a call blocking system, calls that are malformed will be stopped within the network. At the same time, we are working with the industry on other tools to better protect Canadians from nuisance calls, including a process to alert them when the caller ID has been spoofed.” Said Ian Scott, Chairperson and CEO of the CRTC.