KCC in France reopened as Europe’s 1st ‘Korea center’


KCC in France reopened as Europe’s 1st ‘Korea center’


Dec. 6, 2019

Global Korean Post


By Jung Joo-ri and Lee Jihae

The Korean Culture Center (KCC) in France has reopened at a new location in the French capital’s eighth arrondissement under a new name: the Paris Korea Center (PKC).

Now housed in a larger seven-story and more accessible building, the PKC on Nov. 20 attracted about 500 Korean and French officials to the center’s opening ceremony, including Korean Ambassador to France Choi Jong-moon, French senator Vivette Lopez, French Rep. Joachim Son-Forget and former French Minister of Culture and Communications Fleur Pellerin.

“I expect the opening of the Paris Korea Center, in the center of Europe, to open a new chapter through Korean culture and cooperation in the culture and tourism industries,” Park said.

“I hope Hallyu (the Korean Wave) develops in various industries through the Paris Korea Center and spreads to all of Europe and that cultural exchanges between Korea and France become more active.”

Covering 3,756 square meters with facilities such as interactive centers for Korean culture and cuisine, an auditorium, a large-scale exhibition hall, a library and a lecture hall, the center is the fifth KCC to reopen as a Korea center after those in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo and Beijing, and the first in Europe.

The PKC will hold until February culture and arts programs such as the exhibition “Tekkal, Colors of Korea,” which displays traditional and contemporary Korean handicrafts, and “Scent of Ink,” a performance of traditional Korean music and dance by National Dance Company of Korea inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Korean ink painting and calligraphy.