E-Scooter Pilot will launch in Next January


E-Scooter Pilot will launch in Next January


Nov. 29, 2019

Global Korean Post


On January 1, 2020, Ontario will launch a five-year electric kick style scooter pilot.


The government says that E-scooters have the potential to help hundreds of thousands of commuters get to transit connections, reduce congestion and open the Ontario market to a new and growing sector. Under the pilot, municipalities can choose whether to allow e-scooters on their roadways.


E-scooters have been launched in over 125 U.S. cities and are being allowed under pilot conditions in Quebec and Alberta.


Under the 5-year pilot, the province has set out rules and requirements for e-scooters such as helmet requirements and a minimum age of 16 years old.

E-scooters will also need to be equipped with a horn or bell and must have a front and rear light.

Municipalities can choose to pass by-laws to allow use of e-scooters and determine where they can operate most safely in each unique environment.