Ceremony unveils giant thermometer used in charity drive


Ceremony unveils giant thermometer used in charity drive


Nov. 22, 2019

Global Korean Post


By Lee Jihae


The annual unveiling ceremony for the so-called Love Temperature Thermometer was held on Nov. 20 at Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Plaza with Minister of Health and Welfare Park Neunghoo attending.

Traditionally held toward the end of the year, the event featured the thermometer that symbolizes the annual Hope Sharing Campaign, a donation drive conducted by the Community Chest of Korea (CCK). The thermometer marks an increase of one degree each time 1% of the target figure is reached.

The 73-day campaign will run through Jan. 31 through the CCK’s 17 branch offices nationwide. The charity organization has held the campaign 21 times since the CCK’s inception and launched the donation drive in 1998.

The thermometer was established in 2000.

The target for this year’s drive is KRW 425.7 billion, up 1.8% from last year’s goal of KRW 418.1 billion. Each time KRW 4.257 billion, or 1% of the goal, is donated, the thermometer indicates an increase of 1 degree and registers 100 degrees once the target is reached.

Park said, “Every year, people regardless of region, gender and age give donations. Regardless of the donation amount, they give hope to those in need.”

“I hope this year’s love temperature exceeds 100 degrees again and spreads hope throughout the country.”

Donations to the drive can be done by phone (060-700-1212), with KRW 3,000 to be deducted from a donor’s phone bill for use as a donation, or text message (#9004), with a gift of KRW 2,000 made for each text. A donor can type his or her message in any language.