Digital and Virtual Health Care to start in next year

Digital and Virtual Health Care to start in next year


Nov. 15, 2019

Global Korean Post


Ontario’s new Digital First for Health strategy will bring the patient experience into the 21st century and help end hallway health care by offering more choices and making health care simpler, easier and more convenient for patients. At the same time, this new strategy will harness the imagination and capabilities of Ontario’s digital health innovators to improve care for all Ontarians.


On Nov. 13, Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, was at Trillium Health Partners’ Credit Valley Hospital to announce the five pillars of the government’s Digital First for Health strategy. Once this new strategy is fully implemented, patients can expect:

  1. More virtual care options:Expanding availability of video visits and enabling other virtual care tools such as secure messaging. Additionally, providers will be able to leverage a variety of virtual care technologies that best meet the needs of their patients.
  2. Expanded access to online appointment booking:Patients will be able to book appointments that best meet their needs.
  3. Greater data access for patients: More patients will be able to review their secure health record online and make informed choices about their care.
  4. Better, more connected tools for frontline providers:More providers will be able to access patient records stored across multiple health service providers to provide better, faster care.
  5. Data integration and predictive analytics:Providers will face fewer barriers to integrating and using secure health information to manage health resources and improve patient care. This could lead to improvements such as earlier intervention and better management of chronic disease.


Video visits won’t be appropriate for every type of doctor’s visit but interested Ontarians should talk to their doctors to see if this solution is available and appropriate for them.