Winter Parking During Snow Clearing


Winter Parking During Snow Clearing


Nov. 8, 2019

Global Korean Post


City of Markham reminded residents that all parking on both sides of all City streets is prohibited during snow clearing operations.


Existing parking permits and overnight exemptions held by residents are not valid during snow clearing operations.


Residents can expect snow clearing to begin at the start of any snowfall and continue for up to the next 24 hours.


On-street parking can resume in accordance with City parking regulations once snow clearing operations are complete.


Vehicles parked on a city street during snow clearing operations will be ticketed and/or towed. Effective January 1, 2016, the fine for “Interfering with Snow Removal” will be $150.


Between November 15 and April 15, and only when snow clearing operations are not in effect, vehicles may only be parked on the odd numbered side of city streets, unless posted signs indicate otherwise.