Singh Lays Out Priorities For Canadians

Singh Lays Out Priorities For Canadians


Oct. 11, 2019

Global Korean Post


With momentum on Jagmeet Singh’s side, the NDP Leader laid out urgent priorities he said the government must take on to help Canadians and vowed to fight for these priorities regardless of the outcome of the election.


“People will try to scare Canadians into voting for less out of fear and settling for less. Fear has never changed a thing. But hope has,” said Singh. “I’m running to be Prime Minister. But whether I am Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition or holding the balance of power, this is what the NDP will ensure the next government delivers for people.”


Highlighting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples — from clean water to equity in services — as a foundation for all government actions, Singh shared his priorities.


A national universal pharmacare plan and a national dental care plan, delivering affordability and better health to Canadians.

A home people can afford, including massive investments in housing, real action on money laundering and a tax on foreign speculators.

Beginning to tackle student debt, by taking all interest off of student loans, current and future.

A bold plan and concrete action to fight the climate crisis, ending the subsidies to big oil companies, committing to science-based targets and helping workers during the transition from fossil fuels.

Making cell phone and internet bills more affordable by putting in place a price cap to make sure that Canadians aren’t paying more than the global average for their cell phone and internet bills.

Ensuring the super-wealthy are paying their fair share by introducing a super wealth tax, closing tax loopholes, and ending giveaways for the richest companies and individuals.


“We can and must change the way Canadians choose their government, so that people feel they can vote for what they believe, not against what they fear,” said Singh. “We can change the system so that every vote counts no matter where you live. And so that Liberals or Conservatives can never ignore you again. We can ensure that the next government changes the system, so it works for you by delivering real electoral reform, proportional representation, to stop the revolving door of bad and worse.”


While Singh works towards an NDP victory on Oct. 21, should voters choose a minority government, he has completely ruled out propping up an Andrew Scheer Conservative government. Elizabeth May has said she would consider working with Scheer to make him Prime Minister.