Liberal ad: Canadians want to move forward

New Liberal ad: Canadians want to move forward


Oct. 11, 2019

Global Korean Post


On October 10,the Liberal Party of Canada released a new ad highlighting how a re-elected Liberal government will move forward with Quebecers and all Canadians to build a better future.

“We want to move forward,” says one woman featured in the new ad.

“We want a country that protects a woman’s right to choose,” other participants say. “We want a country that puts the environment first, that invests in public transit. A country that helps families and lowers our taxes.”

In less than two weeks, Canadians will make a choice about the future of our country. That choice could not be more clear. Do we:

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose, or roll back the progress we’ve made on gender equality?
  • Fight the climate crisis with a serious plan, or leave the problem to our kids and grandkids?
  • Invest in families, or let the Conservatives cut everything we care about?
  • Keep cutting taxes for the middle class, or give tax breaks to big polluters and the wealthiest one percent?


A re-elected Liberal government will keep moving forward to make life more affordable for Canadians. Our plan will help people:

  • Save nearly $600 a year, per family, thanks to our tax cut that helps the middle class, not the richest one percent;
  • Save $1,000 a year on their family’s cell phone plans when we lower bills by 25 per cent;
  • See their aging parents’ Old Age Security go up by ten per cent once they turn 75, increasing by up to $729 each year;
  • Save hundreds of dollars a month on mortgage payments if they’re buying their first home;
  • Get an interest-free loan of up to $40,000, and hundreds of dollars in incentives, if they want to retrofit their home and save more money on bills;
  • Save on medications their family needs when we implement Universal Pharmacare;
  • Save $800 a year when we lower fees for before and after school child care by ten percent;
  • Get up to $1,000 more to help with the costs of raising a newborn when we boost the Canada Child Benefit by 15 per cent for children under the age of one; and
  • Get more money when we make maternity and parental benefits tax-free, and get 15 weeks of paid leave if they adopt.

“Over the last four years, we’ve put Canada on the path of progress. And we’re not stopping now,” said the Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, in the ad. “On October 21st, I’m choosing forward – for everyone.”

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