TVA Debate: Justin Trudeau shows he will move Canada forward

TVA Debate: Justin Trudeau shows he will move Canada forward


Oct. 04, 2019

Global Korean Post


Liberal Party of Canada announced the following news release after TVA Debate held in Montreal, QC. on Oct. 2, 2019.


Tonight, the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, presented an ambitious plan to strengthen the middle class, protect the environment and grow the economy. In a few weeks, Canadians will have a choice: go back to the cuts and austerity of the Harper years, or move forward for a better future.

“We have to move forward because our planet is burning. We have to move forward because people are having a hard time making ends meet. We have to move forward because our culture, and fundamental rights like gender equality, are under threat,” said Justin Trudeau. “And to do so, we need to have Quebec represented in government.”

The debate made one thing clear: Andrew Scheer and Conservatives like Doug Ford and Jason Kenney have no plan for the environment. They reject science and want to go back to a time when pollution was free. Liberals know climate change is real, and we’re putting in place concrete solutions to fight the climate crisis, adapt to a warming planet, and protect our environment.


Justin Trudeau also underscored that a re-elected Liberal government will continue to invest in Canada’s cultural and creative industries. We will increase funding for Telefilm Canada, strengthen the regional mandate of CBC/Radio-Canada, and move forward with legislation to ensure internet giants promote Canadian content. Andrew Scheer will cut taxes for the wealthy by cutting funding for Canada’s cultural industry – just like Stephen Harper.

The debate was also a reminder that the Liberal Party is the party of Francophones. Andrew Scheer refused to stand up to Doug Ford when he cut services for Franco-Ontarians. He’s already shown us that he won’t defend Francophone rights.

Justin Trudeau also stressed that a diverse and open Canada is a stronger Canada. New Canadians help our communities succeed, and they also help address the labour shortage that threatens the growth of our economy.

“In a few weeks, Quebecers — and all Canadians —  will have a choice. We can choose a party that’s unwilling to move forward, because it doesn’t share our values. We can choose a party that’s unable to move forward, because it’s aiming for the opposition. Or we can choose the Liberal party, and keep moving forward – for the environment, the middle class, and our fundamental rights. On October 21st, let’s choose forward, together.”

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