Alberta lifts more internal trade restrictions

Alberta lifts more internal trade restrictions


Sep. 27, 2019

Global Korean Post


Alberta is taking another bold step toward free trade within Canada by doing away with eight more of its exceptions under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), and narrowing two more.

This comes on the heels of Alberta’s decision to eliminate 13 CFTA exceptions in July, including all those related to procurement. This means Alberta is removing more than 80 per cent of its exceptions, going from the third highest among provinces and territories to by far the lowest number of exceptions to the free trade rules amongst Canada’s provinces and territories.


The eliminated exceptions deal with areas such as the energy sector, alcohol and the sale of public lands.


Along with the two exceptions being narrowed, Alberta is maintaining four other exceptions. These exceptions continue to be necessary to strengthening the province and its economic interests.

As previously announced, Alberta is also undertaking a fast-track review to potentially expand unilateral recognition of professional and licensed credentials from across Canada, continuing our pledge to make Alberta the most open labour market and freest economy in Canada.



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