Korean Honor Scholarship (KHS) 2019 Announced


Korean Honor Scholarship (KHS) 2019 Announced


May 8, 2019

Global Korean Post


– 6 KHS recipients in Canada will be selected in 2019

The Korean Honor Scholarship Committee extends an invitation to Korean and Korean-Canadian undergraduate and graduate students to compete for the six available 2019 Korean Honor Scholarships.


The scholarship is awarded to encourage outstanding students who have Korean heritage to achieve their highest academic potential and develop leadership skills for their future careers.


To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be attending a college or university, at least both the 2018 fall and 2019 spring semesters in the Canada and must have an overall grade average of 3.0 or higher(on a 4.0 basis). In addition to the academic criteria, an essay, letters of recommendation, awards, honors, performances and extracurricular activities are also reviewed for the selection process.


This year’s scholarship restrictions have been modified. A student, who has previously obtained a KHS scholarship at the undergraduate level, may also apply again for a KHS Scholarship at the graduate level as well. (Previously, only one scholarship was given to a student, regardless of the academic level.)


The following dates listed below are for those who are interested in applying to the Korean Honor Scholarship

– Application period: April 29 ~ June 21, 2019

– First round evaluation at regional consular offices: June 24 ~ June 28, 2019

– Final round evaluation by Central Selection Committee: July 9 ~ July 12, 2018

– Scholarship Award presentation: After September 23


The amount of scholarships is as follows:

– Honor Scholarship : $1,000 (6 students in Canada)

– Best Honor Scholarship : $ 2,500 (2 students in USA and Canada)

– Best Essay Award : $ 1, 500 (3 students in USA and Canada)


Students who are interested in applying the KHS need to refer to the Embassy’s website : www.can-ottawa.mofa.go.kr, to download the application form and the stipulated guidelines. Applications also must be submitted to the regional consular office CLOSEST TO his or her institution of HIGHER EDUCATION. The KHS Committee asks the applicants who have additional questions or information to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Ottawa, (613-244-5010), or one of the regional Consular Offices closest to their college or university.