Korean Trio NAMU’s Toronto debut on Sept. 21st

Korean Trio NAMU’s Toronto debut on Sept. 21st


Sept. 20, 2019

Global Korean Post


NAMU, a trio of incredible musicians from Korea debuting in Toronto this Saturday, September 21 at  8:00 p.m.

This event takes place at Small World Music Centre(180 Shaw St., Studio 101)

Tickets are $25 (Advance) or $35 (Door). http://bit.ly/31sGC2U


Korean traditional music ensemble NAMU made its official debut in 2015 with a powerful blend of precision and playfulness.


Led by multi-award-winning artist Aram Lee (daegeum, yanggeum, keyboard), building on rigorous training in traditional instrumentation with continuous experimentation with new forms of creative expression, and balanced by the hypnotic sounds of Minwang Hwang (ajaeng, janggu, percussion, vocal) and Inhwan Choi (acoustic and electric bass).

NAMU’s originality and creativity has resulted in many accolades in Korea and abroad, making them one of the most exciting groups in the contemporary music circuit today. Since 2013 the trio has collaborated with various artists and crossed many genres through a number of projects including classical music, contemporary jazz, and dance beats.

NAMU’s first album ‘Song of Willow’ (December 2016) showcases the musicianship and prodigious improvisation of each soloist. It introduces totally new sonic experiences by uniting Korean traditional sounds with modulated electric bass, double bass, and synthesizer. When recording, NAMU took all their instruments and equipment to a rural area to incorporate surrounding sounds. ‘Steppe Road’ is the result of one take and reveals their consideration, exploration and reveals the group itself.


Part of Small World Music Society’s 18th Annual Small World Music Festival presented with the support of Center Stage Korea, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Arts Management Service.