Toronto Zoo to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Weekend


Toronto Zoo to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Weekend


Aug. 23, 2019

Global Korean Post


The Toronto Zoo will celebrate Vulture Awareness Day on Sunday, September 1 and Monday, September 2, 2019.

Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction.


The focus of International Vulture Awareness Weekend is to highlight the ecological importance of vultures and why we need to save them. Our awareness day offers many educational opportunities as well as hands on activities.


Support an important cause as we highlight: vulture adaptations, the benefits of vultures to our eco-systems, tracking, and what the public can do to help this vital species. There will be vulture enrichment, animal meet and greets, an additional talk with our white-headed vulture keeper, and a chance to learn how to track and monitor birds using telemetry.


Six of Africa’s 11 vulture species – the continent’s largest and most recognizable birds of prey – are now at a higher risk of extinction.