Statement on Gwangbokjeol by Senator Yonha Martin

연아 마틴 상원의원 (Global Korean Post photo)


Statement on Gwangbokjeol by Senator Yonha Martin


Aug. 16, 2019

Global Korean Post



 The Honourable Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Co-Chair of the Canada Korea Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, released the following statement on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the National Liberation Day of Korea, Gwangbokjeol:   “Today, the national Korean Canadian community and Korean communities around the world, gather in unity to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Korea’s Independence from Japanese colonial rule (19101945). On this day, we remember the selfless patriots of the independence movement whose sacrifice, courage and resilience in the face of oppression and tyranny gave hope to the Korean people. We pay tribute to their fighting spirit and ultimate victory as we stand together to raise the Korean national flag, Taegukgi, with dignity and respect. We also grieve for the victims of the decades long oppressive rule, including tens of thousands of ‘comfort women’ who were abducted or coerced into military sexual slavery.    “Long before Canada’s service and participation in the Korea War, Canadian missionaries stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Korea in support of their independence and sovereignty.  One of those individuals was Dr. Francis William Schofield who openly denounced the Japanese government, distributed copies of the Independence Movement  manifesto, and exposed the regime’s harsh treatment towards the Korean people to the international community.


“In 2018, we celebrated the 130th anniversary of the First Canadian Missionaries to Korea and earlier this year on March 1st, the 100th anniversary of Korea’s Independence Movement, Samiljeol. In 2020, we will be commemorating the 70th anniversary of the breakout of the Korea War (6.25) in our nation’s capital and across Canada.


“The Republic of Korea’s present success would never have been realized had it not been for all those who protected Korea and her people. We must always look back and remember those who came before us to be able to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy today, and have hope for the future of peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula, in Canada and around the world. We will remember them. Nous nous souviendrons d’eux. 우리는 기억할 것입니다.”