Health insurance now mandatory for all foreign residents


Health insurance now mandatory for all foreign residents


July 19, 2019

Global Korean Post


By Kim Hyelin and Kim Minji


Foreign residents staying in Korea for six months or longer must subscribe to national health insurance under a National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) measure that took effect on July 16.


Failure to get such insurance can result in limits on visa extensions and no medical coverage. The monthly premium for a foreign national newly subscribing to national health insurance is KRW 113,050 this year.


International students are temporarily exempted from this regulation but must enroll from March 2021. Their premium is half the regular amount, however.


Also exempt are those with overseas-based insurance but they must apply for the exemption.


Foreign residents who fail to pay the premium will thus not be covered by insurance and must pay all medical expenses themselves. They can also face a visa extension limit of up to six months.


For more information, call the NHIS at 1577-1000 or 033-811-2000 for assistance in English, Chinese or Vietnamese.