2 million protective masks sent as aid to US


2 million protective masks sent as aid to US


May 15, 2020

Global Korean Post


By Xu Aiying and Kim Minji

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 11 said the government donated two million protective masks to the U.S., with an American cargo plane departing Korea at dawn the same carrying the masks.

The ministry said this was a follow-up measure to the March 24 phone summit between President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump on a joint response to the coronavirus pandemic. Seoul also decided on the aid after considering Korea’s COVID-19 situation, the nation’s supply and demand for masks, and the need to provide support to a key ally.

The ministry also expressed hope that both countries can jointly overcome the challenge of COVID-19 as soon as possible and that the Korean government can contribute by sharing its quarantine experience with the international community.

U.S. Ambassador to Korea Harry Harris on May 11 wrote on Twitter, “A BIG thank you to ROK (the Republic of Korea) and the Blue House for providing two million face masks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency,” adding, “Our alliance and friendship are as vital and ironclad today as it was 70 years ago.”