Angler Fined $6,500 for Fishing Over the Limit


Angler Fined $6,500 for Fishing Over the Limit


Feb. 9, 2021

Global Korean Post


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) wants to remind anglers not to over-fish and to package fish so they can be readily identified and easily counted. Fishing limits are in place to maintain a sustainable fishery so that anglers and other users may enjoy the resources in the future.

An investigation by the MNRF has resulted in a Missouri man being fined $6,500 for possessing an over-limit of fish, packaging fish in a manner that fish cannot be easily counted or identified, and for allowing fish to spoil. Additionally, the courts issued an order prohibiting him from possessing a fishing licence or engaging in any fishing activities in Ontario for four years.

Court heard that on June 23, 2018, Eric Balkenbush was travelling home from a remote fly-in fishing trip when his vehicle was directed into an Enforcement Check Station approximately 25 km from the Fort Frances border crossing. An inspection found four bags of unidentifiable fish filets. There was no ice used to preserve the fish and it was evident they had spoiled. Officers seized the fish and DNA analysis was conducted on the samples to identify species and number of fish. Balkenbush was found to be in possession of 16 walleye and nine bass over the legal limit.

Justice of the Peace Patricia Clysdale-Cornell heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Fort Frances, on January 7, 2021.