UN Security Council unity ‘crucial’ to support democracy in Myanmar



UN Security Council unity ‘crucial’ to support democracy in Myanmar


Feb. 2, 2021

Global Korean Post


The UN Special Envoy on Myanmar appealed on Tuesday for the Security Council to unite in support of democracy in the country in the wake of the recent power grab by the military and the declaration of a one-year state of emergency.

The crisis stems from elections held in November, marking the second democratic elections in Myanmar since the end of military rule a decade ago.

Ms. Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), scored a landslide victory. The military and some political parties claimed the vote was fraudulent.

Myanmar’s Supreme Court was scheduled to pronounce this month on its jurisdiction over complaints of alleged election-related violations.

The President of the UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir, has also called for the immediate release of the detained political leaders in Myanmar, adding that attempts to undermine democracy and rule of law are unacceptable.

“The President said this morning that he is deeply concerned that the military coup in Myanmar could further exacerbate the problems of the most vulnerable, including Rohingya Muslims,” his Spokesman, Brenden Varma, told journalists on Tuesday.

“He condemned the coup once again and called for unrestricted humanitarian access to Rakhine State and other parts of the country.”

Mr. Bozkir is also looking to schedule a briefing by the Special Envoy for all UN Member States, in line with a General Assembly resolution on the human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar.