COVID-19 variants founded over 50 cases in Alberta


COVID-19 variants founded over 50 cases in Alberta


Feb. 2, 2021

Global Korean Post


The province has targets for the easing of restrictions, based on hospitalization rates.

Specific hospitalization numbers will be the benchmarks by which restrictions will be eased.


As of Feb. 1, 107,438 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Alberta. This is 2,429.7 doses per 100,000 population. There are now 17,191 Albertans fully immunized with two doses.


Alberta is actively monitoring for COVID-19 variants and is enhancing the province’s capacity to do genetic analysis on samples.


As of Feb. 2, Alberta has identified 50 cases of the variant first identified in the United Kingdom and seven cases of the variant first identified in South Africa.


All border pilot participants must remain in quarantine until receiving a negative result from their second test on day seven or eight (counting arrival day as day one).

Travellers currently in the program must immediately return to quarantine if they haven’t taken their second test and received a negative result.


Participants cannot return to child care, out-of-school care, schools, post-secondary institutions and workplaces outside of their home for 14 days.


Returning travellers from the United Kingdom or South Africa are not eligible to participate in the border pilot program.


The government has granted certain Alberta peace officers and community peace officers temporary authority to enforce public health orders.


Not following mandatory restrictions will result in fines of $1,000 per ticketed offence and up to $100,000 through the courts.