Canadian Armed Forces Presentation held in Korean community


Canadian Armed Forces Presentation held in Korean community


Feb. 2, 2018

Global Korean Post



Two Korean community organizations hosted the Canadian Armed Forces Presentation in Toronto on Jan. 30, 2018.


The Korean Veterans Association in Canada East Chapter and the National Unification Advisory Council Toronto Canada Chapter hosted the event and it was presented by Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Toronto.


3 recruiting staffs including two Koreans joined the event.

Two Koreans, Kim, Joon-ho and Ahn, Ye-hee shared their experiences for audiences while giving them some advice.


Sergeant Bill Kowalchuk from Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Toronto presented the Canadian Armed Forces including roles, elements, types, eligibility requirements, and benefits.


Kim, Joon-ho, senior hire manager told the Global Korean Post, “The sense of mission is most needed. The good thing is that there is no discrimination and that men and women are equal.”


Ahn, Ye-hee Captin said in an interview with the Global Korean Post, “I have no regrets.”  “Mentality should be stronger than one’s body.”

Ahn, who has worked in military for 12 years, shared her experience and gave answers to some questions from audience.


William S. Kowalchuk Sergeant as a recruiter from the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Toronto, told the Global Korean Post, “Make sure what they want to do.” at the question what the important element is for application.

He said that they should consider how long and how to serve when applying to Canadian Forces.

Those who have some skills like electrician, communicator, technician and health service provider can go to the field they might be interested in.

“We offer all different jobs.”


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