70th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration held in Ottawa

70th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemorative Ceremony on June 21, 2020. / Global Korean Post

70th  Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration held in Ottawa


June 27, 2020

Global Korean Post


The first 70th Anniversary of the Korean War commemorative event (to begin a 3-year campaign) was held at the Monument to Canadian Fallen (in Confederation Park) on June 21, 2020 at 11:00am EDT.


Veterans of Korea Veterans Association (KVA) Unit 7 joined by Minister Catherine McKenna on behalf of the Government of Canada; The Honourable Yonah Martin, Grand Patron of KVA Heritage Unit, on behalf of the Senate of Canada; LCol. Wayne Eyre, Commander of the Canadian Army; and representatives of Veterans Affairs Canada, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and Korean War Commemorative Committee (KWCC).


The 70th anniversary of the Korean War commemorative events and projects began on June 21st in Ottawa, ON to mark the breakout of the war (June 25th) because South and North Korea are technically still at war; and each 70th anniversary milestone (battle or campaign) will be commemorated over the course of three years, concluding with the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice on July 27. 2023.


The Korean War is Canada’s 3rd bloodiest war, in which more than 26,000 Canadians from across Canada volunteered to fight against Communist tyranny, and another 7000 served in peacekeeping duties from 1953-1955. Now in their mid 80’s and 90’s the brave young Canadians who volunteered to proudly serve their nation and go to Korea’s aid, still feel the sorrow in their hearts when they remember what happened upon their return and felt as though Canada had forgotten them.


In honour of the Canadian fallen, still buried to this day in Korea (at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, Korea), it is important for Canadians to stand united with the remaining heroes of the Korean War, though small in number, on Sunday, June 21st and over the course of the 70th anniversary years.