Boosting Canada’s reputation as a global leader in plant proteins

Merit Functional Foods facility will be complete at the end of this year

Boosting Canada’s reputation as a global leader in plant proteins


June 27, 2020

Global Korean Post


The Government of Canada announced  financing of close to $100 million for the new Merit Functional Foods plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The federal financing for Merit Functional Foods includes:

  • $10 million in a repayable contribution from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriInnovate Program;
  • $25 million in debt financing from Farm Credit Canada;
  • $55 million in debt financing from Export Development Canada; and
  • $9.2 million from the Protein Industries Canada supercluster announced earlier to support a project for the commercialization of a new highly soluble, highly functional pea and canola protein isolates.

Merit Functional Foods will construct a commercial-scale protein extraction facility that will produce plant proteins superior in solubility, flavour and purity. Merit Functional Foods will be the first facility in the world with the capability to produce food-grade canola protein ready and safe for human consumption.

Merit Functional Foods plant will source 100 percent of its inputs from Canadian producers, with a projected forecast to utilize 10,000 metric tonnes of yellow peas and 17,000 tonnes of canola seed in its first year.

This plant, scheduled to be fully operational in December 2020 will create 80 new jobs and will help to establish the region as a world-leading agriculture and processing hub.

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