Alberta is taking action to crack down on metal theft


Alberta is taking action to crack down on metal theft


June 20, 2020

Global Korean Post


The government is taking action to crack down on metal theft by making it more difficult for criminals to sell stolen materials and imposing tougher penalties on those who do.


If passed, Bill 25, Protecting Alberta Industry from Theft Act, 2020, and associated regulations will require scrap metal dealers to report all transactions involving commonly stolen metals and items such as catalytic converters to law enforcement.


Metal theft is a significant risk to individuals, their families, their communities, and the public at large. Thieves terrify property and business owners by trespassing and stealing materials such as copper wire and industrial batteries, and frequently damage and interfere with critical systems like electrical lines, telecommunications networks and transportation infrastructure.


Criminals often steal metal from property owners and businesses in isolated areas to avoid detection, making rural Albertans a particular target of thieves and trespassers looking for metal to steal and sell.


The government took decisive steps against metal theft in fall 2019 by proclaiming the Scrap Metal Dealers and Recyclers Identification Act, which passed in 2013 but previous governments never brought into force.


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