Alberta changes for expanded care in nursing homes


Alberta changes for expanded care in nursing homes


June 5, 2020

Global Korean Post


Long-term changes to Alberta’s nursing homes regulations will come into effect on Aug. 15. These changes make the temporary amendments, introduced as part of the government’s response to COVID-19, permanent.

The amended regulations remove barriers permanently so nurse practitioners can act as primary care providers in nursing homes, admitting and assessing residents, as well as offering follow-up care. Permanent changes also allow nurse practitioners and other health professionals to prescribe medication and order treatments in nursing homes, according to their scopes of practice.


Changes will be made to the two regulations under the Nursing Homes Act: the Nursing Homes General Regulation and the Nursing Homes Operation Regulation.


Nursing home residents can now receive prescriptions for Schedule 1 drugs and orders for common diagnostic tests, like X-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans, directly from nurse practitioners and other qualified health professionals, according to their scopes of practice and at the discretion of the operator. These permanent changes reduce red tape and eliminate unnecessary duplication while increasing access to primary care for nursing home residents.