Toronto City Council approves next phase of Housing Now sites


Toronto City Council approves next phase of Housing Now sites


May 29, 2020

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Toronto City Council approved the second phase of Housing Now to get more affordable housing built.

The six new Housing Now sites will create between 1,455 and 1,710 new residential units including between 1,060 and 1,240 purpose-built rentals, of which half (530 to 620) will be affordable rental units. The sites are close to transit, commercial and employment areas and provide opportunities to further develop complete communities, bringing benefits to existing and future residents.

Housing Now was introduced by Mayor Tory in 2018 and leverages City-owned land for the development of affordable housing within mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-oriented communities.

Housing Now is one component of the HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan, which calls for the creation of 10,000 affordable homes on City-owned lands. Through the two phases of Housing Now, along with the Modular program, Council has now approved 47 per cent of that 10-year target.

The new recommended site locations are:
• 158 Borough Dr.
• 2444 Eglinton Ave. E.
• 1627 & 1675 Danforth Ave.
• 1631 Queen St. E.
• 405 Sherbourne St.
• 150 Queens Wharf Rd.