New member of National Security and Intelligence Review Agency has announced


New member of National Security and Intelligence Review Agency has announced


July 26, 2019

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Our security and intelligence communities must keep pace with evolving threats to the safety and security of Canadians, and they must do so in a way that safeguards our rights and freedoms and the people’s trust in how the government works.


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau announced the members of the new National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA).

The NSIRA has the authority to review any activity carried out by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service or the Communications Security Establishment, and any national security or intelligence-related activity carried out by federal departments and agencies. To fulfill its expanded mandate, the NSIRA will have full access to all information held by the Government of Canada, including classified and sensitive information, with the sole exception of information that is subject to the confidence of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada.


The NSIRA will work to ensure that Canada’s national security agencies are complying with the law and that their actions are reasonable and necessary. It will have full and independent authority to determine what government activities to review, and be able to hear public complaints related to the activities of Canada’s security and intelligence agencies.

To promote transparency, the NSIRA will present annual reports to the Prime Minister on its activities, which will also be tabled in the House of Commons and the Senate.


The NSIRA was created under the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency Act, which received Royal Assent on June 21, 2019.



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