Fight against growing gun and gang violence in Toronto


Fight against growing gun and gang violence in Toronto


Aug. 16, 2019

Global Korean Post


All three governments agreed to provide the funding  for Toronto Police to tackle gun violence and keep communities safe.


The Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, and the City of Toronto are all committed to stopping gun violence.  That commitment includes ensuring that our police officers have the resources they need to keep neighborhoods safe.


“These additional resources for our Toronto Police Service will fund an even more intensive focus on those responsible for inflicting gun violence on our neighbourhoods as well as increasing police presence to keep communities safe.” Said Toronto’s Mayor John Tory.


On Aug. 13, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau med with Mayor John Tory  to discuss Toronto’s priorities.

“We’re working together to invest in good public transit & infrastructure, keep our communities safe & fight gun violence, and grow the middle class here in Toronto.” Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Premier Doug Ford issued the statement on the fight against gun and gang violence in the City of Toronto:

“Our government is investing $25 million over four years to support the fight against gun and gang violence in the City of Toronto. Mayor Tory and Chief Saunders have indicated a pressing need for the provincial contribution to the gun and gang fight to be used to support surge funding for anti-gun and gang police operations. Today, our government is delivering by taking the necessary steps to authorize up to $1.5 million of our contribution to be used to put boots on the ground where they are needed most to keep people safe.

“In addition to the $25 million invested in Toronto over four years, our government has also launched a province-wide strategy to dismantle gangs once and for all and ensure criminals who commit offences using firearms end up where they belong – behind bars.”


by Global Korean Post



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